Thursday, 12 July 2018

Lourdes 2018 - Do whatever He tells you

Words of Mary at the Wedding at Cana provide the 2018 Pastoral Theme at Lourdes: "Do whatever he tells you."

A number of parishioners will be on our way to Lourdes next Monday morning. We shall pray for those at home, and hope that those at home will join us in prayer.

Here are some resources to prepare for our pilgrimage, or to make a spiritual pilgrimage at home.

  • Our Bishop's Homily at the Centenary Mass gives us plenty of material for reflection. You can find some key points from the homily and a link to the full text here.
  • Those at home might like to take a look at what is happening in Lourdes on Lourdes TV. You might see someone you know, especially in the processions each day at 4pm and 8pm, or at the International Mass on Wednesday at 8.30am - all times BST - our watches will be an hour further on in Lourdes!
  • There is lovely video about Lourdes and this year's Pastoral Theme here.
  • There is even an app with lots of useful stuff on it: iOS here, Android here.